Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

I can't believe the year has passed.

It's been here.
Done that.

Moving on.

December 30

Two more days!

My, how time flies.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Many times, when I take pictures of the local sunsets, the sky is ethereal and all of the tones just cannot be captured as I would like to skate them.

This has pushed me along thought-lines about why art exists, what are the true capabilities of digital photography, and how I choose the actual moments of sunset when I to take the punctures. In other words, I second-guess an awful lot.

The painting, although not actually planned for the capture, gives some of the light purples and blues remaining as the sun moves toward a gradual exit of the stage.

In real life, it's just as spectacular as the sunset.
Well, close? Naa. But I like the colors!

I am deeply grateful to have these colors swimming through my intuitive mind.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A New Season

There is a time and a season to everything and every purpose and it seems new growth, or spring for my soul, has come to California in the dead of winter. Today began by painting a full heart filled with and surrounded by light. I posted it as a "work in progress" in the morning and it turned out to be the completed piece by the end of the day. It is a beginning and an end with which I am content.
At school, I arrived to monitor recess wearing a skirt, tshirt, and Keds dress shoes- not the tennis shoes, rather they have a small heel and look more like casual-dress shoes. No laces...Anyway...
A coworker exclaimed, "You look like spring!" and I really felt like spring had sprung. The temperature had climbed past 75 on that December day.
Winter? Bah Humbug!
The seagulls shrieked and circled above the outdoor lunchtables hoping for scraps left behind. The crows grumbled at the gulls about territory and the little birds stayed anxious in the leaves on trees and dropped brown goo on our papers and my shirt. Yes, I really wrote that, and yes, it really happened.
Also, the crazy shrieking screaming seagull has been named, "Bob, the Springbrook Seagull" by the students who observed "him" today.
Warm enough to work outside in December is a fine recipe for my kind of winter.
At an outdoor table in the shade, one of my first grade English Language Learners presented me with a gift. He attempted to describe how he won the prize of an orange spider-ring and also told me he wished to give me the ring. Imagine my surprise when he said, "It is horrible, but it is for you." I did my best to look surprised and grateful when he put his hand out to shake mine and asked, "friend?"
These days are priceless.
Later, I went for a little dim-sum for the soul. My friend Jeannine opened her studio for us to paint on cookies! She learned in Italy and shared her techniques with us. She had to close the studio early because of attendance in the Laguna Beach Full Moon Drum Circle. I had to move quickly with my art, but my soul enjoyed the comaraderie of new friends, sweet Christmas carols on an iphone, and the joy of sharing in the process with others.
I returned to the "work in progress" from the morning only to doze off while attempting to create additions to an already beautiful piece. It was then I decided to keep it as it was and let it rest.
Rest must come, even when the day is filled with such joy and new growth.
Rest is good.
Enjoy the season!


Monday, December 16, 2013


Starting to feel a cold coming on.

This is not good with upcoming travel plans and visits with family.

On another note, I saw another beautiful sunset and moonrise tonight. I am so grateful for life here and so grateful for everything.

Thank you and goodnight!

Sunday the Fifteenth

There was another craft show today and I can say I took part. In fact, I can say I've taken part in three of then this year! That is three more than last year and two more than ever.

The important thing is I've participated!

By January first, I have to apply top two BIG shows for the new year. One is an alumni show and the other is an art show in my hometown of St.Charles, Illinois.

Also floating around in my had is what to do for my next 365....so not sure yet.

Anyway- time for bed.
I really did create this art in the evening, but will complete it in the a.m.

Peace and cheers!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Little Blessings

For those paying attention, the pooches are doing much better today. It seems BOTH of them ate the chocolate. I found out on our walk today...
I am so glad Louis is ok. He is such a tiny dog and all that chocolate is not good at all for him. I wonder which of the dogs was the instigator? My guess is Louis put Buck up to it, but Buck is playing like it was all his idea. Rgardless, the two dogs are sleepy, but also up to eating their Milk Bones and doggy foods. They are fine.
We had art day with the neighbor girls today. We decorated cookies! The picture is just below the "angels" piece. It is so much fun to laugh and be creative at the same time. I wanted to have hot cocoa, but the pooches ate my chocolate chips last night. We had "vanilla milk" instead. The kids were so happy with the flavored milk and drank it up quickly. Each of the kids had six cookies to deocorate and the results are in the picture below.
I'm shamelessly plugging Trader Joe's Sugar Cookie Baking Mix Kit. The dough mixes up quickly, the cookies took very little extra flour to roll out, and the frosting comes with the kit. Wait, there's more! The kit also includes decorating sugars. These were so fun to make and I will be making some with my niece and nephew in just a week. Great timing!
Thanks for stopping by the blog. Have a wonderful week!
What a week!

Friday, December 13, 2013


It's all fine and good to have chocolate until your dog eats it.

I had purchased some semi-sweet chips to make hot cocoa for art day tomorrow with the kids. I left the bag in a box near the door when I got home today. As usual, I got distracted because I was so happy to have found a place for our pooches and a house-sitter while we are on vacation.

I took two eager dogs on a walk, returned to feed them, and then went on my way to dinner.

When I got home, I let the dogs out and gave them treats. We were just settling in for a long winter's nap when Louis threw up on the couch. It smelled like chocolate and I freaked out!

Poor Louis was shaking and I got up to find the only possible chocolate from that bag I brought home only to not find it anywhere. I'm still searching! I've looked it up and it seems like he will be ok now, but it scared me- and the hallway where he repainted in chocolate...

I hope he is ok. We will visit the vet in the a.m. goodnight, all!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


For many years, I played saxophone in a jazz big band for New Year's Eve in Hudson, Wisconsin at the Phipps Center with Coleen Raye and her amazingly talented family. The Minnesota Jazz Orchestra became my family for the "New Year" many times over. Our bandleader and manager, Craig and Cara Thrane, made sure all of the band-related business ran smoothly and always had smiles to share.
I will never forget the dress rehearsals and time spent working so hard on an impeccable event.
Also, Colleen and her family made us feel at home with holiday goodies in the green room and an after party at Aunty Deb's house to end all after parties before them. The performances were magical to me and I got to spend the evening with 18 of my closest friends.
Memories are made of this.
I miss the friendship and music the most.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

 Yes, I am very happy.
It's been about six months without a computer and posting the blog via smart-phone has gotten old. I have had lots of time to research a good place to take said computer to get fixed and landed with OC Computer Guys in Tustin, CA. I took the computer to them this morning and I was out of there within ten minutes. Seriously. And I paid less than I thought I would have to pay to get the thing fixed. Turns out a small adapter had gone bad and the power cord and power input were just perfect. I feel like I have a new computer again!
Or, better yet, I've been reunited with a friend....
I expected to pay about $140 to get the computer fixed.
I would have paid $50, but I traded old power cord for the new one and he took off $5.00
Needless to say, I am so happy to have my 'friend' back again.
More to come on this silly machine.
Good night!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Good Cheer

Spread good cheer!
Not just this month,
But throughout the year!

After a crazy Monday, today was much better. No tripping, dead batteries, or poor favor. Instead, I packed up and sent done Etsy orders from the past few days.

I like the shipping process and the self-serve machine has been my friend for ages. I love being able to do all the work if it means not having to stand in a line of peeps... So today was like any other.

However, at our post office, people are very rude when it comes to the parking lot. Honestly, the parking lot setup is probably the worst I've ever seen and it exists here in the town where I live. People will honk at someone trying to back out of a space. It can get very loud and distracting just getting into the building.

I have to admit I was ready for a confrontation upon entry into the building. But, I would be next behind a woman with a huge box that was just big enough to fit in the mail bin. The customer seemed nervous because she had and the mail attendant walked off again. I told her if she needs help, I could help her a little.

so, as the screens came, she passed through without a hitch. She hugged me and thanked me foot helping her without any hitches. I feel like I did nothing, but those are the kind of gifts I love to give.

It was the kindness.
The "vote of confidence", as she put it.

And so as I type this blog entry on my phone, I want to let you know my time has come to get my computer fixed! I can't wait!

It has been at last six months.
I wasn't tired a half hour ago when I started this post, but I just dropped the phone because I'm drifting to sleep.

Good night, and GOOD CHEER!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Exhausted Heart

The past week has been so busy and it is catching up with me. While walking this morning, flurries of thoughts were running through my mind when I lost my balance and fell to the ground. My ankle has swollen and bruises decorate my left knee and palms.

Later, upon leaving my "first" school, my car wouldn't start. This, after finding raccoons had gotten in it the night before because the driver's side window doesn't go up all the way and I'd left marshmallows inside, just added to the excitement. Ugh. I was able to get a jump and move on to Laguna Beach.

My science group made polymers today. It was fun being able to laugh at the slimy goo made with poly vinyl alcohol and sodium borate and a little paint for color. The kids made me smile and I got the weekly view that is the only cure for the "Mondays."

The art is just a start- my intention is too go back in with more details in the next couple of days. If you are following the blog, tasty means you'll probably want to check back in a couple of days to see the progress.

As for now, I'm posting and going to sleep. Again. (The first time was a few hours ago on the couch....)

Thanks for stopping!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


The craft fair was a bust. But I went, and made the best of it :)


This is late!
I really funny thing is it's done and sitting on the couch. But I'm too cold to go get it right now.
I will post twicey today, but later.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Today was pretty busy, but I somehow managed to visit my cousin and his wife. She put on a "handmade"craft show at their home-

I sold a couple of things and am very happy. Will be posting pictures- I need to sleep.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Angels

When it snows, it's always fun to lay down and flail...I mean, make snow angels! Of course, I may have to settle for 'sand' angels these days, but that's hardly a problem I would complain about at all.

These winter days bring such joy, no matter what part of the globe finds you at home.

Yes, joy.

And probably the easiest way to capture that joy is with little kids- whether they know it's winter, or not.

Here's to living in the moments!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Super Stars

It looks like they will be asking me to make some art for the kids at school- meaning, I will create what looks like clip art and they will have me create it on word searches and other helpful exercises too help the kids.

This one might be good for them to fill in their favorite holiday terms and read them aloud. I guess I will find out!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Upon returning to work today, I asked a coworker about her holiday break. She told me, "It was lovely."

Lovely is such a warm and beautiful word.

Lovely was the sunset tonight as I walked away from job numero dos in Laguna Beach. I am so blessed with that location!

As I drove away on the Pacific Coast Highway, I decided to get a better view of the molten clouds. I may never have seen the sky so red! My phone died just shy of that, so I wasn't able to capture the sheer elegance anywhere but in my own mind.

Lovely, don't you think?

Have a great week!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shooting Star

Stars are a recurring favorite of mine. They are so fun and appropriate for many celebrations. This one is stylized, but has also come out of nowhere.

I can't help but think more will be done to this drawing.

It isn't finished, yet this is all I had for today. I have been working on some other collage pieces and enjoying the slow, yet productive, pace of the weekend. Maybe more details will follow as the new week (and month!) begins.

December is here!
Catch it before it's gone.