Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rules, take two

If the first one doesn't post, I'll be bummed!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Antique Lyrics

The have been many times in my life when I found myself playing along with this particular piece of music. The lyrics are antique- as nobody in current times' popular music would be singing of His truth.

And the marching.

It happens, but not as much as it used to. I respect the piece and miss playing it- but not the marching....

This is an entry for week five of the Index Card a Day for the postage stamp prompt from a former week, but the current prompt of natural, or monochromatic, coloring.

I used Prang watercolor and got my hand into it for the antique feel. I used a fine Pitt pen for the lettering and pseudo-fireworks, stars and stripings.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Messages from Dog

The painting for today is for the ICAD challenge and the "grocery list" prompt. My dog Buck makes sure I know his needs. Also, I was inspired by Gary Larson, of The Far Side fame, when I created the list. I have attached the cartoon related to my post and hope you will enjoy it, too.


Done for the day :

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Road

If you asked me a week ago where I was headed, I would have happily told you, "the right direction." But as much as I thought it was right, it turned out to be a wrong turn on my journey.

The painting is lime green and purple for the Summer of Color and "quote" from this week's ICAD 2013 challenge.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So THIS happened today....
"the National Temperament Service has issued a "Change your perspective, change your day"alert. Breathe.

It was a day of straightening out kids and humanity.

Some kids just don't have a good grasp on the beauty of humanity. It is my job to help out if and when I can.

Basically, I kept telling this small group that most people have eyes,  ears, hands feet and a heart. They didn't get it at first but it, but after awhile they were a little more courteous toward friends and even those who lack a home.
more later!
Good night

Monday, June 24, 2013

Just a little...

My first day at the new job was today.
I am a full-time teacher four an after school/summer arts program and am happy as a clam! 

Most of the day was spent getting to know names of the kids, un-pushing pushed buttons, and creating a presence for the kids.

I'm wiped out, but in a good way. I love all the smiling faces and am enjoying some peace-at home with the doggies tonight.

Have a great week!

Painting is Prang watercolor and was the"run-off" sheet for the music note stencil. The colors just looked a little landscape-y, so I went with it.

Posting to Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day :) on fb.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Craft Happy

In Anaheim, California, The Makery is becoming a wonderfully uplifting spot on  the map. Lisa Cherry has a great shop and is using her resources to pool the best kind of modern crafting people and good times in southern California.

I have never heard of a place like her shop, where one can rent the space for a crafty evening, or meeting place, or simply drop in to make and take a craft from the shop via one of her handmade kits.

Today was not an event in her shop alone, rather, it was a gathering of kindred spirits ready to let go and create anything from modern macrame to cupcake decoration, to using an antique letter press, to learning crochet.

She, the Lisa, seems at home in the details. There were flowers on the tables at lunch and swag bags screen-printed by hand. I cannot get over the number of hours she's dug into, but I know she and her hubby are now celebrating an amazing day filled with lots of fun crafts and plenty of smiling faces.

Congrats, Lisa!

Painting: waxed chord, seed beads, SMS archival marker.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just a note

For the index-card-a-day challenge, I created my own stencil of a music note. I had created the watercolor background, so finishing this card was easy.

To make the stencil, I used a glossy postcard piece of junk mail and cut out the note shape. I used Prang watercolors and a nearly-dry brush to transfer on the color.

It is really fun to play with this challenge! I made a stencil once before for Valentine's Day, but haven't really done that since. It's a fun way to decorate without dropping a bundle.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Is Good

You know it's been a good day when you can say you had fun. I can!

Today I learned a version of screen printing and printed on canvas bags for an event on Sunday. I did the best I could And the results were good.

Anytime I can learn something and pass it on to a new generation, I'm doing it.

More to come!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Friends made sparkling easy tonight! We attended an Etsy Craft Party at Creative Outlet Studios, in Costa Mesa, CA. The event was well attended, creative and fun!
There was a station for collage and this scrap of sequins made it home with me. It caps off a beautiful evening very well, I think.

I saw a few friends from the past and some I just met tonight. It's a gift to have friends- and even better to meet a few more.

I also found out a "new" friend will be presenting art Journaling at an event I'll be attending Sunday. Enjoy your week, FOLKS!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Watermelon Man

Seems like every time I turn on the Long Beach Jazz station in the car, I hear "Watermelon Man" by Herbie Hancock, in some version or another. It's a great tune and one found on an Aebersold recording for the practice of improv. I remember the pink-swirled album cover well.

I started playing saxophone by ear as soon as I started in the fifth grade. For my June 4 birthday after eighth grade, my Mom gave me two tapes: Kenny G's "Duotones" and David Sanborn's "Change of Heart". I did not fall in love with the Kenny G, but did fall in love with the David Sanborn sound.

I played his stuff by ear, along with the tape, all summer long. Ask my old neighbors! I copied inflections, vibrato, and as much gusto as I could muster. Then, I started private lessons with G-L-O-R-I-A, who then introduced me to the world of chord changes and the swing eighth-notes.


My mind was blown. Kind of felt like watermelon man, myself. Definitely chopped and consumed.

What fun to play along and repeat "real" jazz.

Now, it's time for sleep!
Good night!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

But it WAS sunny.

Today is Dad's day all over the place. My sister got us started early and we were on our way to a great brunch and a spot in the sunshine.

We were ahead of the crowds and had the best of everything and no wait. When we have to wait for everything like treatments, medications to work, and just better health, it's really nice to get what you want right away.

We enjoyed time together and are thankful for the sunny skies that made it all feel, well, normal. Ideas for the remains of the day were tossed around like any other time. Even a boat ride seemed like a good idea at one point.

When we got home, my sister buzzed with activity for a bit just picking up bits and pieces around the house and near her big chair. Then we headed outside so she could get her "lawn jewelry" out and about.

It was still sunny and a friend of hers dropped by with some homemade brownies. Finally, the action stopped and my sister rested on the lounge chair while we all chatted.

Still, it felt more normal today than it has all week. I half expected her to run a 5k...well, no. But she was doing great. She still is.

The big chair and her sheet/quilt setup is a good reality check. She needs naps and craves that space. Plus, any time her alarm from Walgreens goes off, she's reminded to take a look at her list to find out which meds to take.

And it's pretty different to be driving her places in her car. I've lived here before so I know lots of routes without GPS, but she's usually behind the wheel.

She directed me past her new school and I got to see where her classroom is- from the outside. It's still nice to picture where her heart "lives".

Tonight I pack to go back to Cali.
It's going to be a long day, but I am so grateful for this time with my sister. Nothing in the world can take this week from me.

Another sister is here to continue care and the young one will be in good hands. We all miss our Dad this Dad's day, but with us three together? He's here. I know he's proud of us.

Happy Dad's Day, everybody!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Slow day. Update tomorrow.

I had the opportunity to see some great musician friends tonight. Wow! The memories! I have stayed up too late and started too late after a migraine day. I'll be making the art for today tomorrow. Stay with me.....

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Color

At least color was happy today!
Allergies have made a visit to my days in MN. No biggie, just trying to remember what works because it's been awhile and I am happy to have forgotten this feeling of days-long headaches and stuffy head. Still, it's really a small issue. Bigger things are on my mind today. 

While I worked on the ICAD today, a good friend of my sister's was here, "working from home" and offering a few laughs, smiles and happy color. This friend says she cannot draw, or sing, but she was here with her laughter and time. Isn't it great to have these people in our lives? The ones who make us, and others, smile just by being around.  And I don't believe she cannot draw or sing. Everybody can do that with a little encouragement.

We had a couple of relatives visit tonight and it was nice enough to eat dinner outside. More laughs and just a joy to have family around. My aunt asked, "Do you ever think about us, you know, when you're out there in California?" Ha! I think of my family more than any of them know. I miss being close to them and a visit with the drop of a hat, but I know I'm only a flight away. And so are they... (smile). I must admit, I've felt a little "stranded" out west, but we all make our own choices and that is where my sweetie lives and now, so do I. 

The painting was made while I created the Index Cards for the challenge. I liked the colors left on the page while I created the background color with Prang Watercolor. I used Stabilo mini 0,4 fine point markers for the lettering and decoration and then followed with a watercolor pen/brush. It's fun to see marker act like watercolor, yet keep it within the bounds.

Fun color today! Have a great one :)

This is just a funny comment related to how I feel this week. I've been trying hard to lose weight, but gave myself a little pass for this week. I have to be careful not to be so hard on myself. No appetite is weird. Been trying to eat good stuff, but other goodies are creeping back in. It will be good to get back into a routine when I get home.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Found Object

I've moved a lot in my life and have left things in different places while I am in the process.  I happened to leave this pitcher with my sister and I don't know why I did. She brought up a box of stuff from the basement and I was so excited to see I hadn't lost this handmade joyful vessel to the moves of all time. This pitcher always makes me smile because it is generous, different, and still functional- a lot like me, I guess.

Anyway- I started with a nice warm-up and watercolor sketch. In real life, the colors are not this stark. I took the picture with a flash and the background turned out pink. The alternative is worse, so I am sticking with this one.
Ten Minute Warm-Up
The Happy Pitcher! I am so happy to still have it!!!
Next, I found a mug I liked in my sister's collection. I wouldn't call it a collection, actually, there are just lots of fun mugs in her kitchen. This one is cute and it was a challenge. I got the sketch done in watercolor, then went over the details with a blue Stabilo 0,4 marker. Sometimes it is better to leave well enough alone.

I took a picture of my painting and decided there should be more value within the cup and "wrecked" the painting. I just wish, sometimes, I would leave it alone and not over-work my work. Sometimes simple is best and it just seems like simple is not enough. But it IS. Ugh. I feel like I put too much value inside the cup and the fragile feel of the first draft got lost in the heaviness of the final draft.

Looks like a study of simplicity is on the way?

Sweet Mug! Cute and fun.

Final Painting


First Draft - Watercolor Sketch

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good Stuff filling

Here is today's entry for the Index Card a Day challenge. The prompt I used for this one was "junk mail". The only junk about it is the lower right corner that I ripped out of  a grocery circular that came in the mail today. Isn't it ironic? It's about "junk mail," however, it's all about filling up on the best things for you! Fill up on the good stuff. That is my message to you. Plus, I filled up a little on some beads to make bracelets for Team Carrie at The Bead Monkey, in Edina, MN.

My sister is doing very well today. We even made a short trip to Target to get some supplies today. She has counted that as her exercise for today. We did walk around for about fifteen or twenty minutes. That's actually better than I did

Thank you so much for the prayers and good thoughts for her healing. I know it's all working because she is in good spirits and can feel your support.

You may have noticed I haven't written anything sometimes in the past few days. Well, the input on my computer broke and I have been posting my blog from my smartphone for over a month. It works ok, but I cannot access the pictures in posts without a computer. I like writing captions for the pictures and appreciate the fact I am currently typing on my sister's "house-"computer.

But, it is getting late and my eyes have started to roll. Time to roll Carrie out of her recliner and send her to bed.

Hope to connect with you soon!
Take care :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garden Doodle

Day 2 of the Khemo went well for Carrie. She is kicking butt and taking names! It seemed like she sailed through in the treatment center, eating normally, drinking her water, and cracking a few jokes with us. Monday was much worse and the unknown ruled. Today found her at ease and peaceful with the situation.

I am so thankful for all of the prayers, positive vibes and overall concern expressed for Carrie. She's a true champ and I don't think for a second your help has helped. I am most impressed with the kindness of strangers.

In participation with Summer of Color 2013 and ICAD with Daisy Yellow, I have been blessed by so many people who have responded to the Team Carrie post from Monday. I appreciate your time and love sent via the interwebs and let her know the support system has grown beyond our mass of family and friends.

Thank you so much for everything. I am so grateful!

Here is a post for SOC 2013. I am staying away from home, so my photos will just have to be a little less accurate until I get to a place that has better lighting. I love the comfy living space at my sister's place, but I sure appreciate the lighting in my usual space at home. This post also qualifies for the Sketchbook Challenge theme of "Garden Doodle" for the month of June. It's really fun to make the posts overlap and it inspires me even more when I can be artistically efficient in this way.

Further below is the post for Index Card a Day through the Daisy Yellow Website. This card covers one of the prompts for "Sun" this week. I used a watercolor base, Pitt pen and Sakura white gelly pen for the writing. It represents the fact it has been cloudy here, and the fact her day went so much better than expected made me think of the quote on the card. Yes, the sun shows its face in other ways.

Thank you for stopping to read. I appreciate your comments and pass them all along :)

Summer of Color, 2013 and week 1 colors; citron and turquoise. These colors are also for my sister who is fighting ovarian kancer. The teal represents the team colors we are wearing, or sporting, in some form or another.       

ICAD 2013, Sun Prompt

Monday, June 10, 2013


My sister claims the letter, "c" as her own, and as a result, has renamed the official as "Khemo" instead of the commonly known term that starts with a "c".

Can't say I blame her.

Khemo sucks. Those who know me well, know I don't even say that, but it is so true. My sister wants to be so positive and she is definitely kicking butt.

I'll be honest.

It hurt my heart to see her face when they were searching for her port today. A thoughtful surgeon placed it well under the surface in order my sister doesn't scar. But, oh! The nurses do this every day and this one was a tough one.

Speaking of nurses- ours are great and I feel comfortable with my sister in their hands. I feel comfortable with her in our hands- and God's hands.

More to come-

Be kind,
Hug someone,
And stay healthy!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


This morning started out in Orange County, California and has ended in Kane County, Illinois. Yes, I was in the air today. All day.

I doodled and practiced and didn't come up with a lot, but this doodle is one I'll keep for the daily challenge.

All I can say is, people are good, over all. One man reinforced the idea that everything happens for a reason when our first plane was delayed. Another man found out he knows my sweetie through two degrees of separation- all because of a little line chatting. Also, the lady next to me was "blessed" to be seated next to a snoring man and didn't say anything to him, but turn and smile, when he snapped at her at the end of the flight.

Next, my good buddy Em picked me up at the airport and she's sitting here at the table while I'm typing away here. So, now I'm done for the day.

People are good. It's my turn.

*this image is being used for CED and ICAD 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Childhood and watercolor crayons

Believe it or not, I can remember using watercolor crayons in pre-school. As a kid, it's hard to convey exactly what you want, so maybe the Crayola Art Kit was the answer my parents found for me.

Don't get me wrong, the Crayola kit was beyond my wildest dreams! It had Crayola crayons, watercolors, tempera paints, brushes, scissors, and a long and thin booklet filled with drawing tutorials. The kit came in a case that snapped together.

But no matter what I created, the sense of the watercolor crayons never left me. It was so cool to draw on a wet piece of paper and just let the watercolor crayon "melt" into the water. I was so young, all that mattered was exactly the "meltiness" of the colors.

Here I am today, after purchasing the watercolors crayons and getting them home, I just had to try them out. I used the blue, because that is the color that stood out best from my memories.

This is just color fun :) I'll maybe try cheap paper sometime and see if I can re-enact some more color fun. Tonight, I used the Strathmore Windpower 140lb, and with a lesser type of paper,  maybe some cooler ideas will appear.

On another subject, this is my Index Card A Day entry. She's #5!
Here goes!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


On a day reserved for "me", all I want to do is give thanks for all of my friends. I have friends all over the country and in some other parts of the world, but all it takes is a quick message on a birthday to let us know how little distance separates good friends.

I am blessed to be able to "pick up where we left off" with my friends. Over time, I've realized not everyone operates this way. I know I do- so if you are my friend, expect to always be my friend, no matter how much time has passed. I don't forget you!

Just know I appreciate the fact life goes on and we cannot always be together, because I love my friends just the same!

Thank you, friends!
You made my day special by remembering and just saying hello!
All my love-

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Canvases

I hate it when I write a whole post only to have it disappear. Looks like I will be writing in the morning.

Sweet dreams!

What color are you?

Summer of color 2013 is a challenge posted by where a color of the week will be posted along with a prompt for further creativity. Listed on the website is a prompt for a quiz that, based on how honest you are, tells you what color is best suited for you. I took the quiz and my color is violet, even though on the screen made it look a lot more like a hot fuchsia and I just love that right more. Can't wait to find out! Here is the link to the quiz. I love some data that is especially for me..

Saturday, June 1, 2013


The painting for today actually came about from a few different days of work. The background started off as a flower and then when I painted the price tags for some jewelry pieces, I used the flower background as a splatter guard and let the hot pink acrylic paint stay.

Tonight, I just used my water brush and a little bit of watercolor to make this abstract form of something. It sort of reminds me of storm clouds in the Midwest at sunset, but everyone will see something different.

It's been an art filled day.

On to Sunday!

June and July challenge

This is a new challenge from Daisy Yellow, which entails a simple index card a day for the next 61 days. I'm still creating for the 365 challenge, but this is just doodles to start the day for me.

Honestly, it's nearly half way through the year and I am beginning to spin a little from the amount of work I've created. Don't get me wrong, I love it! It is definitely a challenge. However, my perfectionist-self had reared an ugly head and it's time to relax a bit.

I'm not sure if this means a change in medium, as it's been paint so far, or just finding a way to relax from the crazy expectations I've unnecessarily placed on myself.

One thing is sure- I'm definitely not quitting. But I have created a late-night habit that may get thrown off the rails of I start too late or just wipe myself out from a day of hard work.

Man. It it's hard to just be present sometimes and release the pressure of what is to come. I am rejoicing at the idea of summer and returning to teaching in the fall.

I said it.

So, soon I'll be creating a resume like none they've ever seen to encompass my talents and sell this girl as a teacher. Again.

Until that's done, I continue with the work on me, myself, and I. It's been a long summer.

But I needed it.