Monday, September 30, 2013

Acrylic Love

Sunday, September 29, 2013


The art for today is composed of Prang watercolors and a paint brush.

Sometimes it's just nice to sit down and feel whatever inspires me.

Have a great week!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Post is postponed....but here is a picture of a "bag" I made from a cereal box. It was used for my neighbor's seventh birthday gift.

Hoping you have a great day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Art Mail

One of the groups I follower online is called, hold into your hats, ArtGeeks.

Go Figure.

This month, I'm talking part in an art-mail swap. The theme is, "put a feather on it," or "whatever will help you cope."

I Feel I have incorporated feathers in many ways. It is with great honor I can pass the art of decoration along to these who will be sharing their version of the print then Do something.   Been
   happy, and pray for miracles.

Lice and, Kim

Thursday, September 26, 2013

On the Walk

Autumn has brought a cool breeze through the OC and walks with the pooches are that much better now. They are more likely to stop and sniff when the sun isn't beating down and I don't mind waiting. I take the opportunity to look around and note changes in season, however small.

The color of most leaves doesn't change much here, but leaves serve their duty and dry up from the heat of summer only to fall to the ground. I watch them blow within tiny currents in the gutter. Bright pink flowers join them and race to the end of the street.

The painting came from these colors; Prang watercolor and Canson watercolor paper. It's just some drops of water and the color is added later.

Have some fun!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whatever sketch

I just got here to past and there was my post from last night. Just sitting there. In 'draft' form.

The best laid plans....

This is a doodle sketch that can be made into cards. Not sure if I'm adding color,  or not. Anyway, it's all freehand and done with a Pitt pen, (F).

This plan is done for the day-
Have a good one!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Perhaps I have mentioned my less-than-perfect automobile. If I haven't, it is a 1998 Saturn SC and it has 160k miles on it. It has been my companion since 2008 and has escorted me across the country three times.

The problem with this car is the battery has been draining between the times I drive it. Yes, I save gas and pollute less after an overhaul of the exhaust system, but the thing doesn't start. Something drains the battery.

Among very good car friends, we've figured it has nothing to do with the alternator and everything to do with the fan. But finding the issue hasn't been of crazy importance for whatever reason, so I have a machine to charge it when I need to drive.

Well, I did that tonight. I went to get dog food at the grocery store and made the trip very quickly. I returned to a "click-click-click-click sound of a poorly charged dead battery.

Ugh. I have super-long cables in my trunk, but asking people just after sunset is awkward because there just aren't that many out after dark in my 'hood. I looked for eye contact.

I got no eye contact.

Finally, I approached a Bob Uecker type who agreed to help. On a side note, I believe if you have the materials you need, it makes the process run a bit more smoothly.

He explained his Triple A membership right after having difficulty finding the hood latch in his car. I won't say he acted "put-out" but he tried to give up three times.

Finally, we got the icing on the cake and the car started. Phew.

I'd say the hardest part was getting someone to actually help. Funny how people turn away when you need them most.

I'm happy to be home.
Frustrated, but safe!


Ever fall asleep on the couch watching TV?

I haven't done that in a long time, but I did tonight. It's so much cooler lately and the fresh air just got me tonight. I just wanted a couple of winks....

Art for today was created earlier in the day and was just waiting to be posted. I had to wait for the splattered one to dry, but the ballerina princess was finished in the morning.

The splattered piece started out a painting from a cereal box where I gessoed the shiny layer and then painted on a few layers of acrylic using a floppy magnet. Finally, I put a little bit of water in my paint holder, mixed, and flung. It sort of looks like a little galaxy to me.

The ballerina princess is nobody I know. She showed up on paper only. I used Faber Castell Gelatos for the background, Pitt pen for outlines, and prang watercolor for color details. She is just a little face. Her frame measures about three by four inches.

Ok- time for real sleeps.
Have a great day!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


The design today came from my intuition. It started with just a wash of teal watercolor. I kept going and scraped circles onto the paper which, in turn, held some of the rogue coloring.

It was only going to be teal, but then I added some greens and blues. I wanted to stay in a limited palette, but more color kept creeping in. The last watercolor added was the magenta just under the quite pen.

It had to dry a bit before adding the white Gelly pen, so my sweetie and I caught up on the 90210 marathon...but I digress.

The message in white pen is, "Sometimes the view is not so clear, but with a little more focus it can become a vision.
Not bad for making it up!

Have a good week!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scratch Leaves

"Re-use" has been a term used in my world since as long as I can remember. It's always fun to give new life to an object that would otherwise be discarded. That is exactly how this piece began weeks ago.

Re-using cereal boxes has become one of my favorite ways to experiment with acrylic paints. I cut usable pieces and dispose of the rest in the recycle bin. In this case, I used one big side of the box for an experiment and cut the other side into a few smaller pieces.

After cutting, I prepared the glossy side of the cardboard with gesso. This just gives the acrylic something to hold on to. On that day, I used the big piece and one of the smaller ones.

Today, I used the remaining smaller piece and began by coating the pre-gessoed surface with teal paint. I used a floppy advertising magnet to spread the paint all over the mini-canvas. Next, I followed with a light sky blue in the same fashion. Soon, I scraped the shape of some simple leaves into the surface.

To my surprise, I could see the teal through the light blue paint. I continued adding veins to the leaves and then smooshed the floppy magnet into the paint a bit. This made it possible to see texture adding to the full effect of the leaves.

Finally, I filled in some red and brown to make the leaves pop from their surfaces.

This was a fun project and I intend to make more of these mini canvasses for when the mood strikes.

Think you would try it?

Let me know :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Puzzled, For Sure

The past year has gone and given me the freedom to create art. I have been through some interesting phases, but it is clear the time has come to move on from the "stay-at-home" state I have been living in with my sweetie.

I know. It is only September- but I moved here at this time last year and consider myself on the "school year" schedule.

I needed this time. No, REALLY needed this time to adjust. I have had so many transitions in the past twenty years, I needed my compass reset. I'm learning how to take better care for myself and forgiving me is a big part of that.

Where I end up a year from now? Hmm. Puzzling, but I know I will be here, with my sweetie and doggies, living a fuller life because I have learned to do so.

I'm thankful for every place I've been on the way and look forward to the mysteries and grace to come.

The painting is based on the Daisy yellow prompt, "puzzled" and is really my interpretation. Notice how nothing is written on the spinner? It's like there are no expectations, but clearly direction plays a part. I used Pitt pen and prang watercolors along with a sagebrush to complete the design.

Join me.
Take a spin!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


This is a continuation from the painted lines from yesterday. I don't use any rulers, but I do use masking tape between the columns. I also used the Prang watercolors again, along with the Strathmore wind-power series paper.

As I type, I am starting to doze and friends from the past are showing up in the starts dream. Although it's good to see these friends, it is tougher to just go to sleep. But I am ready.

Good night everyone!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Sometimes it's just necessary to draw up the covers and go to bed.

Wait- first-

This small painting was completed using Prang watercolor, Strathmore watercolor paper, and a Tim Holtz aquabrush.

"Painting Lines" is a Daisy Yellow prompt.

Ok, now I go to bed.

Happy Full Moon!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Fun-velopes!

The prompts at Daisy Yellow never cease to inspire me. #44 is about using leaves in the process. Today was about making more fun-velopes, but with the added bonus of printing leaves upon them with acrylic paint and a dry brayer.

Awesome sauce!

To prepare, I used some plastic wrap on the table to guard against smoodges of paint and a big yogurt lid to hold and mix my paint. I dug out a brayer after trying to (unsuccessfully) print the leaves with only my hands.

What a difference a "bray" makes!

I love seeing the leaf prints on unlikely colors of paper! I cannot wait to show these off with friends tomorrow as we learn about the envelope puncher! There is just something to be said for good old-fashioned community!

On another note, the painting is another option for my card "collection". I cannot wait to get some prints made of these cards.

Thanks for stopping by!
Kim Caine

Monday, September 16, 2013


Last week at Archivers in the Mall of America, I bought a special tool that will help me make any size envelope I choose without stencils or a lot of cutting. I am so excited because this means I can customize any size card I would like to make it doesn't have to be standard to work. This also means I can use any type of paper I want and can include magazines, newspapers, or books for reuse. I'm just so excited!

Today, I used up paper from my stash that has been there for way too long. I made some really cute and small envelopes that will fit an index card inside. That alone will open up my options for creating and selling art.
Reuse is so important to me and I can rest assured I am doing my part.

Later today, I received some mail art from Australia. In turn, I am working on a few pieces that may bring a few smiles across the globe.

I also found out my friend at Daisy Yellow had a bad day today, but her spirit still seems very well put together. She mentioned "writing her ideas down" so she does not forget them. Yes, I have to remember the same thing.

In fact, the painting is it direct reflection on the premise of writing things down. I came up with the phrase while I was traveling on the airplane last week and brainstorming how this fall is going to play out.

I used Faber-Castell Gelatos for the background and simple opaque water colors for the printing. The letters are outlined in fine Pitt pen.

Time to sleep!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


The ampersand is one of my favorite symbols. I think this one would look nice as a card. It's watercolor on watercolor paper and I think it will translate nicely onto a color copy.

When I started with the background, I fully wet the paper and waited for it to dry only a bit. Next, I experimented with a rubber stamp for the suggestion of an image. I had read where this could happen and I feel successful today. The image appeared like magic and got better when the remaining wash was pushed around a bit. Finally, I filled in the color mix and worked deeper into the ampersand.



Have a great week!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Recharging Batteries

Coincidentally, my charger has broken. I will write today's post when I can.
It was a day filled with joy!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Blue Abstract


Approximately 4"x6"
Mixed Media heavyweight paper (120 lb)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just Love

It feels so good to be home!

I took a break from everything today. Back to it in the a.m.

Gave a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


There are many ways to spend Patriot Day in the United States and most of them include a sort of ceremony or reflection. I chose to fly home from Minnesota because I believe facing a fear is certainly a way to overcome it.

Beyond a heightened presence of Travel and Safety Agents, there was a great sense of safety, peace, and acknowledgment of the events of this day, twelve years ago.

My first flight was from Minneapolis/St.Paul, and I got an entire row to myself. I created a few things as I felt free to spread out a bit and let loose. The flight was uneventful aside from a few bumpy clouds.

We got in on-time to Denver and the transfer was a breeze. As I approached the gate, I heard the gate agent announcing an "over-sold" flight and my imagination immediately carried me back to my sister for a free future visit. Alas, although I signed up, my name was not called to be bumped. And then-

"This flight is full. If you have passed an empty seat, you might as well go back to it, because it probably belongs to you."

Yes, my row was very cramped.

But there were no complaints anywhere. People shared stories about their experiences or chose to remain reflective and quiet. My row chose the latter- at least I believe it is so, because we didn't talk. I had the middle seat. Any hopes of extra room in the row were dashed when I asked to sit there. Regardless, we shared a  9/11/13 experience together.

My drawing in "block letters" (for a Daisy Yellow prompt and "Color This Quote") states, "There is no shortcut to anywhere worth going". Upon reflection of the day, I meant the crowded flight. As for 9/11, it is about the healing. For me, it is about going home.

I am so happy to be home!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Capital C

Awhile back, my sister bought some wood characters for the different holidays. She had planned to paint and use them as decorations hung from a capital "C" in her home, but hadn't gotten around to the project. Today, I grabbed some acrylic, some paper plates and napkins, and got to work.

The results are the pictures below.

I also used some leftover paint in a handmade journal. I haven't finished the art, but when I do, I'll surely post it.

It was a great day for painting!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Treatment for cancer is so exhausting the patient AND the caretaker. Today was especially rough on my sister. They gave her morphine and it still burned- but that is only statement for how brave she is.

I'm so proud of her!

I think I need  to go to bed

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day of Rest

Today was filled with rest, laughs, and Candy Crush Saga. Well, not so much of the last one, but we do play it now and then. We had a good day just being together with family.

The art today was created late tonight and is just intuitive watercolor. I brought Grandma's paints along and just enjoyed putting color on paper. This one might look good as a woven piece, and that won't happen tonight, but the ideas is brewing.

Tomorrow is a day of treatment for my sister. If you read this, send prayers and good thoughts her way. I am hoping for her comfort and clean lines of fluid tomorrow. Then, rest.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Great Day

This morning was the 'Silent No More' walk for ovarian cancer. My sister had a team of greater than ninety people joining her for the cause. It was an amazing testament to the huge support system she has through her challenge with fighting for her health.

It is an honor to say I was part of the team today. Nothing beats being part of a team like this! I am thankful to have been able to make the trip.

Honestly, in the art 'department', I'm exhausted from travel and time change. I sat outside, with Newton the tiny dog, and sketches a bit of a begonia. I guess that's all for today, on paper anyway.

Pretty sure more will show up on the paper tomorrow.
Have an awesome day!

Friday, September 6, 2013

September Sixth

"It was only one hour ago.
Things were so different then.
Nothing yet has really sunk in-
looks like it always did.
Flesh and bone.
Just the way that we are tied in.
There's no one home.
I grieve for you.
You leave me."
-Peter Gabriel, "I Grieve"

This is the day, eleven years ago that feels like yesterday, when my Dad left this earthly home. It came as a huge surprise and it knocked the wind out of all of us. My brain could not comprehend what had happened but my heart was surely broken.


It felt like I was drowning for weeks.

Tonight, the sky is dark outside the plane and the stars shine like they did and always have.

I'm flying into Minnesota, where I was when we drove all night to be with Mom, Melissa, and Jim in Illinois. My Grandma and sister Carrie rode with us by the light of the fingernail moon.

It was unreal.

Nobody can really prepare another for how this feels. My Dad is gone. Every time I looked at the sky and saw his "Army Star" while we drove that night, I cried. I cried so much I had puffy face for weeks.

I kept going. I attended college classes, began a routine, and made a collection of songs to help me stay calm enough to study.

The waves pulled me under from time to time. It was a kind of crying I don't recall ever crying before.

It was heavy.
Sobs of grief and pain and loss.

Nobody can tell you how it's going to be.

I needed lots of hugs and nobody saying, "it'll get better", because, they are mostly the ones who don't really understand.

One who knew said, "It just doesn't get easier". Oh, how I was mad at that, too! There had to be some place in the middle. All I can day to people in this situation is, "I'm so sorry. I just cannot imagine what you are going through." I pray for the Holy comforter to surround them for a calm moment of reprieve from the devastation.

All I can really say is, even eleven years later, I am in the middle- somewhere between "it gets better" and "it never gets better".

There were three serendipitous songs that put me over the edge for months, yet any time they came on the radio, I felt Dad with me. Like a sign. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. So, I'll be done writing soon and will grab out my iPod to hear them.

I know he is with us, seeing what we do, hanging around, but nothing beats the dude sitting next to me on a long ride to anywhere in a plane, bus, or train.

I miss my Daddy- oh, that made my tummy sink. I miss him.

And I get to see my Mom tonight.
Hugs to those around you, love with all your might and just be.

"When I look to the sky, something tells me you're here with me." -Train, "A Sign"

"You will never find a father loves his daughter more than I love you."
-Paul Simon, "Father Daughter"

"If you listen you will hear the angels wings. Up above our heads so near, they are hovering. Waiting to reach out for love when it falls apart- when it cannot rise above a wounded heart."
-Bonnie Raitt, "Wounded Heart"

"As simple as breathing, I picture your face"

"As certain as sunrise, your image unwinds. You're clearer than crystal-you fill up my mind. Now I have you by my side."
Bonnie Raitt, "Wounded Heart"

You cannot lose my love.
-Sara Groves

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Traveling Tomorrow

The walk for Ovarian Kancer is Saturday, in Edina, Minnesota. Tomorrow, I hop on a plane and get there late. My sweetie is staying behind to work and take care of the pooches.

Team Carrie is now 90 people strong and Carrie will be on the local news because of it. I will be sure to post a link to the coverage after it airs. I am thankful to be a part of this weekend for such a great cause, and to spend time with family.

The writing on the blog might be sparse in the next fee days, but I will continue to post my art. I made a fun little journal for this trip and can't wait to put it to some good use. Just hope I don't find another journal to buy....

On another note, Julianna looks more like herself today. I tried the 'oval' technique and it was amazing how much quicker the sketch went! It was also a lot easier too 'see' better proportions than I had before.

On yet another note, I started holiday cards today. The idea came from a friend and is separate from the FB challenge I put out yesterday. I liked thinking of snow and my favorite carol, "the Christmas Song" with Nat King Cole. There is just something about the jazzy vintage feel of that tune I absolutely love. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Card Giveaway

Daily practice only works if one is committed to practicing for improvement. That being said, I drew 'Julia' again today- twice. Man. If she didn't hire me yesterday, for sure today was out.

The sketch on the right was done in the morning and the other was at night. I hoped a few hours between sketches might settle my mind enough to get a new perspective, and I was right.

I'm beginning to loathe pencil sketching. To think I used to draw in pencil as my main medium just shows how willingly I used to make things difficult for no reason. I thought I had so much control with pencil, and I did, but I think I had a greater rein on my patience back then, too.

I just cannot believe the difference I'm the two sketches today. They are supposed to be the same person! My confidence is only slightly shaken, but I have faith the sketching will get better over the course of the month. But it is shaken.

I will practice. I will take the time to study how the pros do it, because that's how I learned with the saxophone. Intuition and feel for the subject should help, but cannot be the sole provider for help. Ugh. It's hard work.

Just when I think it's fine...

A long distance look helps me see how far off I am- and how close. It's frustrating. Some curves just don't translate well to paper.

On another note, it is time to think Holiday Cards. I have a few ideas, a friend gave me another, and I'm open to hearing from you. If I use your idea, I will give you a set of twelve cards for free! Perhaps you'll need to buy more (?)... You probably have more than twelve friends? It's a good deal, believe me.

So, start thinking about the Holidays.
What do you want in the perfect card?
What colors would you like to see on it?
Post on the funkycaine FB page to let me know.

I will let you know if your idea has been chosen by Friday, September 20.

Woo hoo!
Have some fun!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Face

It's probably safe to say, Ms. Rancic won't be asking me to paint her portrait any time soon, but it is certain the experience taught me a lot.

For instance, I won't even start a sketch with a number 2 pencil if I want to show any kind of value. I pressed too hard and created divots in the paper that couldn't be healed. Also, it's just impossible to get good, rich, dark colors with a number 2.

Next, it really did help me to step away from my work for a few hours. I tried to get the proportions right, but it's like those games where something is out of sync and you have to find the inconsistency. Her jaw was weird, there were no real dark values, and her hairline was way too low.

I did switch pencils and used one with better quality- I believe this all made sense. The lead was a bit softer and responded better with the paper. Also, I unwrapped a brand new eraser (I have no idea where it came from!) But it took enough pencil away so I could start the lines and things elsewhere.

Finally- I tried. Then I added paint. Like I said, I don't think Ms. Rancic will be hiring me any time soon, but I learned a lot from creating this portrait.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Giant Eyeball

Yes, it's a giant eyeball.

I believe September will bring studies of faces. I've gone through the year not doing them, and maybe it's time. So, bear with me as the faces from everywhere will appear.

This eyeball is completely made-up, but I just tried. There will be pairs of eyeballs soon- noses AND mouths. Let us not forget ears, necks and hair. Or not. 

I'll continue the Daily Paper Prompts, but sketch out a gave for my 'every day' art.
Ready, set, go!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Today was so filled with awesome it oozed greatness. The day started with me sleeping through my alarm-
wait, you saw awesome, right? It gets better.

We made our way to the Orange County fairgrounds for the Labor Day Cruise for a Cure. Thankfully, we got there just before the gates closed us out at 8:30.

I tagged along with my sweetie because he was there to judge model cars. I love walking the grounds and seeing all of the amazing cars (real ones). In fact, there's always something for me to do. I got around and took some pictures and I'm posting some of the good ones.

I brought art materials to create and got to work on a green-colored index card. I started the circle print/swirly words.I didn't use a template, I just lead the words in a circle.

Next, the reason I slept through my alarm was because I was too excited to see my cousin and his wife in Orange. They were there for a reunion on her side of the family and they also attend the "Orange International Street Fair". A family member owns a house in the area, so we were able to meet them there.

It was fun to be able to talk to them and just relax for the afternoon.

We saw an amazing butterfly, the flock of wild parrots, little fun collections around the yard, and the nacho-cheese machine. The afternoon heat dropped just a little and chatting only made the day feel better.

Finally, we walked to the festival and decided to go home soon thereafter. We'd had a long fulfilling day and the pooches needed a break from the heat at home.

What a day!

I finished it up with a dip in the pool (it's been shocked, cleaned and glorious!) And, I feel so great.

And totally blessed.

I am so thankful!

Have a great holiday :)