Thursday, January 2, 2014


For some reason, the start of this year has come with an abundance of hope. I am extremely thankful for this and plan to capitalize on it until at least Monday, when I go back to work.

I've been following a variety of prompts from the Daisy Yellow website over the past year and this year will be no different in that respect. I truly enjoy the uplifting support offered up by others in the group and look forward to sharing and seeing their works as time marches on.

One of the new creative challenges is to share intentions for the new year where creativity is concerned. The story of my intentions is related to SoapNet.

For me, it's kind of a funny story. Last summer while visiting my sister, we got hooked on Beverly Hills, 90210. We saw the very last episode followed by the very first episode and the tap had been set: we watched lots of episodes together and sent messages about them when I returned to California.

Well. SoapNet has ceased broadcasting.
No more Dylan, Kelly, Brandon or Donna...So, I need something to fill that time slot in the a.m., and you know it- ART IT IS!

Over the past year, I developed Ann appreciation for starting the art in the morning and being able to finish it in the early eventing. That way, I can avoid my eyes rolling because they are tired already...   Anyway.

This is a start.
I collaged and painted a thin layer of acrylic paint on top. I like the cloudy way the words peek through the paint.

Then I painted our dog, Louis.
Just for fun.


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