Friday, January 3, 2014

Sisters and Brothers

For the past few months, I've invited a couple of neighbor kids over to "art" with me. We have created dough ornaments, holiday poppers and painted plenty.

Today, I had the six and eight year-olds.

We used watercolors and tried to cover the page with as many dabs of color as possible. The youngest is a boy and he finished his art quickly in order to let the pooches lick his face awhile.

The older one, an eight year-old girl, has brought some beautiful conversation time and again. Today, she took her time and created lots of splotches. Then, she told me they missed me while I was gone. The boy agreed, and clarified I'd been gone a week when I said I hadn't been gone long. Then, the girl said, "Did you know God says we're all brothers and sisters?" I agreed with her and we kept going on our art.

They had questions about where I went and who I saw. I told them about seeing my Mom in Illinois and the boy asked, "What about your Dad?"
"My Dad died."
They made "awww" sounds. I told them I miss him very much. Then, the boy said, "But he hears you! When people die and go to heaven, they are with you all the time."

I felt like I had just been hugged by my Dad. Seems he approves of what I am doing and where I am. The boy asked, "Did he know you draw cute before he died?" It was priceless. They were both happy to know he knew about my "cute" drawings before he died.

From the mouths of babes!

The art today started with watercolor splotches, had some acrylic white piled on and finished up with Pitt pen (b).

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