Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The New is In.

Last year, I filled most evenings by creating art. Then, I rushed to the midnight deadline of posting to this blog so many times. Eventually, I relaxed a bit and started planning for when to create. Finally, I cut down on the writing part and only posted art when I started working again.

But, the art stayed true.

In fact, the only day I didn't post art was Easter Sunday, and I did post photography- so I really did post art every day. Hum.

I worked through many challenges- personal and actual challenges posted through other bloggers.

Because I created every day, I met new people in-person and online, learned how to publish art and words online, and I tried many new art techniques.

I became addicted to the creative process.

I put my watercolors to the test and spread Gelatos thinly. I used markers and colored pencils, but I planned on the paints because I could cover more territory a lot quicker.

Of course, as we got news about my sister's kancer, it was hard not to be concentrated on the art, but the art is indeed what helped me cope and remain calm to her.

My own crazies happened over the summer and I am grateful to Daisy Yellow for the index card challenge. I really needed the focus pulled in and ready to create without using brain power.

My"winter's nap" is catching up with me. Nap now, drawings or art later.

For now I am going to bed.

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